Museum system of Mugello and florentine’s mountains

The Spread Museum is a network of 15 museums points located throughout the area of Mugello and the Sieve Valley and is divided into four systems:

– System of Nature (vegetation and fauna)

– System Demo-ethno-anthropological

– System of Historical Artistic Heritage

– System of Archaeological Heritage

Each system includes museums points, educational workshops, tours, suitable to point out  the different characteristics of the Museum system.

For more information, visit:

Giotto’s House – Vicchio

Museum of Sacred Art – Beato Angelico – Vicchio

Museum of the Chini – Borgo San Lorenzo

Museum of Farm Life and Custom casa d’Erci – Borgo San Lorenzo

Faini Mill – Borgo San Lorenzo

Museum of Cutting Blades – Scarperia

Collection of Sacred Art of S. Agata and Center for Archaeological Documentation – St. Agata-Scarperia

Crafts and Farming in S. Agata Leprino – St. Agata-Scarperia

Museum Historical Landscape of the Apennines – Abbey of Moscheta-Firenzuola

Museum della Pietra Serena – Firenzuola

Historical Museum of Ethnography of Bruscoli, Firenzuola
With Geo-archaeological, Paleontological  finds and remnants of World War II in relation to the Gothic Line

Upper Mugello Archaeological Museum – Palazzuolo Sul Senio

Museum of Mountain Folk – Palazzuolo Sul Senio

Museum of Vine and Wine – Rufina

Archaeological Museum  – Dicomano