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Trekking Routes and The Military Road Via Flaminia

If you love walking in the nature, from the farmhouse Corzano, you can try the old military road that leads the village Montecarelli in about 6 kms, and then following the main road to the top, at Monte di Fo, after 3 kms, we find the ruins of a very important Roman road that reach the Futa pass.

The Military Via Flaminia (or minor) is an ancient Roman road, built by the consul Gaius Flaminius in 187 BC to connect the Tonwns of  Bologna and Arezzo. The stretch between the Futa Pass and the village of Madonna dei Fornelli where it is clearly visible the original pavement, is also known as the Futa’s Roman road or the Faggeta’s road , and is located about 11 km away from the farm.
The construction of the road is contemporary to the Via Emilia, built by Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and aimed to establish a road network that allow quick connections to Ariminum (Rimini) and Arretium (Arezzo), in order to render safe and stable the Emilia-Romagna’s territories, after they beathen the local population.

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